Can you take beautiful photos without one a long lens?

A professional wildlife photographer knows to hedge her bets—planning ahead is just as important to capture the best pictures of wild animals as what you do in the moment

(This shot could only be achieved with a long lens) Wildlife on an African safari is nothing less than spectacular, but creating truly memorable images can be challenging. Animals don’t appear on command and when they do, making sure we get a great photo isn’t high on their list of priorities. A professional wildlife photographer…

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Why Anger And Fear could Stifle Communication

The self-protective reaction of fear keeps the other from expressing himself freely, and thus another block is added to the wall.

Fear may be the first emotional problem ever to face in the family and it may even afflict more people than the second; but it is not the family’s number one enemy. That dishonour is reserved for anger, which sometimes takes the form of hostility and wrath. More wives have been battered, children abused and […]

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Importance of political tolerance

Political tolerance is the willingness to extend basic rights and civil liberties to persons and groups whose viewpoints differ from one’s own. It is a central tenet of a liberal democracy. The individual rights and freedoms that Kenyan citizens value encourage a wide array of ideas and beliefs, some of which may offend segments of the population. The expression of those beliefs is protected by another core democratic principle, that of majority rule with respect for the rights of individuals or groups in the minority. Without safeguards for the free expression of divergent opinions, we risk a tyranny of the majority. In a free and open society, public deliberation exposes “bad” ideas instead of suppressing them.

Lester Nafwa

Communication Consultant

Why Refugee Stories Need to Be Understood as War Stories’ — Longreads

Pulitzer Prize winner Viet Thanh Nguyen on understanding why refugees have come to the U.S.

I mean, obviously we’re successful and we’re successful partially because of the opportunities that America has offered. But, again, it’s only possible because of a war that the United States waged in Vietnam. And there are so many Asian immigrants and refugees who have come from countries like the Philippines, Korea, Laos, Cambodia who are here in the United States because of wars that the U.S. waged overseas. And the difficulty for Americans and for these refugees and immigrants is to think about both of these kinds of things at the same time – economic opportunity domestically in the United States for some Asian immigrants and refugees, not all of them – that are made possible because of foreign wars that the United States have waged abroad.

And the way that I think about it is that I have to insist all the time that I am not an immigrant and that I – the story that I’m telling in my novel is not an immigrant story. I’m a refugee and the story I’m telling is a war story because one of the ways that the United States tries to contain the meaning of these histories is to think that all of these Asians are here because they’re immigrants, and that their story begins once they get to the United States. But again, my understanding is that many of these Asians are here because of the consequences of wars. And many immigrant stories and refugee stories need to be understood as war stories.

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