“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” this are the words the former German-born physicist, Albert Einstein.

Chapter 34 of the Kenyan constitution in coherence to the International Charter for the Media rights and freedoms provides that the Media shall exercise its rights in an environment free from interference of the Government. The act also provides the Press, the right to expression and information from the Government without victimization nor intimidation.

However in the near past there has been a rise in the spate of attack on the Media, from the government and the public. I mean, imagine the world without the press “it would be an absolute dark,” I won’t be watching my favorite local dramas, my sister won’t watcher her favorite soap opera, my dad would grumble and bulldoze everyone in the house when he arrives home from work, since he has nothing to keep him busy.That common “Wanjiku” won’t be informed on whom to elect based on their manifesto. The return of those days when the president had to send letters via chopper’s to respective areas for the regional administers to spread his ideologies.

No! We should respect the media it has done so much transformation to the society today for it to be ignored, it has done its oversight role dedicatively, it has spear headed for the modern democracy we enjoy today, it has helped transform our justice system by highlighting on prominent injustices in the society arm twisting the authority to take action and last but not atleast it has promoted development by advocating for the constructive politics.

“A free press is not a privilege but an organic necessity in a great society” Walter Lippmann : American journalist (1889-1974)


Shreds of Democracy “Nairobi County”- Lester Nafwa

Do “Nairobians” have a chance to elect a more credible and manifesto oriented leadership come 2017?

A recent survey conducted on the gubernatorial race in the county indicates that so far it’s still a two horse race between two political parties, Jubilee and Cord Alliance. The study shows thata majority of the capital’s inhabitants are pro the incumbent governor who reigns from the Cord Alliance, followed by Jubilee aspiring candidates.

But where does this leave the common “Naïve” “Wanjiku” who have been left to the mercies of these two political big wigs. Is the “third force” the awaited Messiah for the county residents for their long yearned ideological and score card oriented County Government? But is it a matter of choice for them to nominate their next County leadership or will they be arm twisted back to their tribal cocoons.

The daggers have been drown, any literate tom and dick in the County at least can identify the top contenders for the next “Arena”, “Your voting card, your bullet and voice that is the rhetory ,’’  from across the political  divide, but the choice is still at the safe hands of the Nairobian’s , just like the media conceptualise and shoot’s the message to their audience  for consumption, the Nairobian has a chance to use their voting card in changing the political dynamics in the County and the Country come 2017, August Election.

I hope that 2017 elections will be based on  the Nairobians  understanding  that for the City to be clean, it’s a concerted effort by  all the stakeholders from a cross the divide  and that for a more  developmental impact to realized a bilateral working relationship between the  County and National government has to be  accrued.


Kenya: the two sides of a coin

Kenya: the two sides of a coin by

I am Kenyan.


I can’t really insert the word ‘proud’ in the line since i am not sure if i am. Kenya is a country to be envied: our great wildlife, exquisite art, epic nature, luxurious hotels and cool breeze at the coast, diverse cultures, multi-talented personalities name them…


However, whatever we’re facing right now is certainly more than a crisis:

Motions in parliament have changed from important issues to trivial, make up prices have hiked! How now? I am now required to thoroughly wash my face, apply some little oil (which is also expensive) and walk to town. We’re all coerced to go natural😦 There’s a rampant increase in unemployment amongst the youths. Brilliant minds who earned themselves an honorary degree having had sleepless nights in a bid to make their future bright are now tarmaking in towns looking for jobs.With that said, i am literrally afraid of getting done with school. The cost of living in towns is very high and getting to win millions from a jackpot is narrowed down to ‘little money’ by the current economic state.

Some Kenyans in the Northen part, are dying of hunger. They trek to church (which is miles away) on Sunday with the hope and aim that they will get somethng to eat and unfortunately, the only thing the Priest can provide is spiritual food. What irks most is that we have leaders somewhere busy squandering our money. Yes, we the taxpayers.

I live in a country where scandals take place and all we do is bring up huge discussions on them in the media then do away with the issue later when the follow up fades away.

To be honest, none of what i said affects me at this moment; but it will in the future. Yes, i agree that right now i am teenager who depends wholly on her parents…but what about our future generations? What will we tell them ? That you only survive in Kenya if your bank account is overflowing …or if you’ve got connections?

The only thing i can innocently grumble about is the frequent power outages from our supplies. I thought this was the 21st century; it should all be peaches and cream.Climate change is still a major problem. We still have slums mushrooming all over the country; where innocent human beings live in deplorable conditions.


So, with all these being the bane of our lives, the President’s son are out with their mates spending 1.16 million Kenyan shillings approximately, US $11,600 on drinks. I understand that it’s a free World and no one should tell you how to spend someone’s else money; but can you imagine if only an eighth or even 1/32th of the money could be spent in a children’s home.

Don’t call me a bitter teenager, i’m only being concerned with the kind of life my future kids & grandkids will live.


The good thing about this is that we can change all the negatives. How? Good question. By electing leaders with positive and realistic manifestos.


Party politics the Kenyan way as politicians prepare for 2017 poll

If money could buy votes – and, let’s face it – then the newly formed Jubilee Party is in poll position for the 2017 presidential election

The Jubilee Party was created from the former Jubilee Alliance, a coalition of smaller parties that helped President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, into office in 2013, and was launched last weekend in a lavish three-day bash that cost a whopping two billion Kenyan shillings (that’s $19.7-million, or R283-million).

So what kind of party does two billion shillings buy you these days? There was music, there was dancing, and there were plenty of speeches at the Moi International Sport Complex in Kasarani, a Nairobi suburb. There were also 47 shiny new Land Cruisers to prowl around the city – one for each of Kenya’s counties – and a whopping 20,000 shillings in cash ($197, R2,800) for each of the estimated 500,000 delegates who attended.

The new party also unveiled a new, luxuriously appointed nerve centre in the heart of Nairobi, the eight-storey Jubilee House.

President Uhuru Kenyatta – also Kenya’s richest man, which might explain how a new party pulls off such an extravagant launch – described his newborn baby as a new era in Kenyan politics, terming it an expression of “our unity, our oneness, our togetherness”. The visibly emotional president pledged that the Jubilee Party will prevent Kenyans from going through post-election violence as witnessed in 2007/2008. “The pain of the past means that all of us have to work for reconciliation,” he said.

Not all of Kenyatta’s allies were in attendance at the extravaganza. Key party officials, such as tourism cabinet secretary Najib Balala and water cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa (who is also the party candidate for Nairobi governor) were notably absent.

These outspoken Jubilee figures, who held key positions in the current government, deliberately shied away from the launch to avoid being criticized by Kenyans. The constitution does not allow for ministers to engage in active politics.

Top Kenyan musicians including Jaguar, Bahati and Mercy Masika graced the occasion, with reports suggesting they were paid five million shillings each (R700,000).

Opposition leaders were quick to criticise the Jubilee Party spending, with some demanding an audit into where the funding came from. Others said the money could have been better spent on addressing Kenya’s high poverty rates and poor health system
The ODM celebrated its 10-year anniversary by flying delegates to a huge rally in a public park in Mombasa, complete with multimillion shilling performances from local musicians and 47 vehicles branded in ODM’s signature orange.Odinga also took a dig at the perceived values of the Jubilee Party supporters at the launch in Nairobi. “Today we are here to say thank you to those who have showed up without asking for money, without asking whether it is safe, for transport, for food, when the party has called on you to respond to the distress call of our nation,” he said.


Mass burning of schools a “big joke”

Back then when I was a student at a“Western High school” I remember an incident when some of my colleague school mates planned to go on a strike. They wanted to teach the school administration a lesson. I mean why would the admin viciously discard the Government Ministerial order banning holiday tuition, why would there still be morning preps when the law stipulates that students should be given “more ample time to relax and entertain.” So they ooh No! we went and hatched a plan to teach “Mr. Zigglas” a life lesson.
So a plan was orchestrated and each one of us responsibility on “tying the Cat a Bell”. We agreed that the following day on Wednesday at Dawn Operation “2 Exodus” is a go. But before that at the back of one dormitory when the learned comrades were a sleep every suspect to the innuendo took an “oath of secrecy” , we couldn’t allow this escape out unless any of us wanted our academia dreams unceremoniously crushed at this level.
So that night as I slipped into my “warm bed”, my heart was pouncing with joy, I knew tomorrow I will be going home at last, I couldn’t miss to feast on the homemade delicacies again. At exactly 3 AM, the 1st whistle went on, the 2nd and 3rd and soon it was morning prep time, as I rushed to class , I felt betrayed, what happened to our plan, I thought by right now I would be running through the “gates of freedom” may be with the “Men in uniforms” chasing us around using eyes irritants and Rungus . But Alas! Why are those guys kneeling at the parade at morning preps and why are the Head teachers’ men in uniform all over.

The next day when a parade assembly was summoned by Mr.Zigglas that is when I realized that the planned exodus was a fail. Reports indicated that within the “2 exodus” steering committee there were school CID’s who leaked the information to the schools’ Men in uniform and the Administration who in turn laid a trap for unsuspecting pro-2 exodus comrades. As Mr.Zigglas issued the “goons” with their expulsion letters that is when I realized how hard it was to plan an assault against the school. Well you might be asking why I wasn’t interdicted, perhaps you should also ask for CID’s names first.