Shreds of Democracy “Nairobi County”- Lester Nafwa

Do “Nairobians” have a chance to elect a more credible and manifesto oriented leadership come 2017?

A recent survey conducted on the gubernatorial race in the county indicates that so far it’s still a two horse race between two political parties, Jubilee and Cord Alliance. The study shows thata majority of the capital’s inhabitants are pro the incumbent governor who reigns from the Cord Alliance, followed by Jubilee aspiring candidates.

But where does this leave the common “Naïve” “Wanjiku” who have been left to the mercies of these two political big wigs. Is the “third force” the awaited Messiah for the county residents for their long yearned ideological and score card oriented County Government? But is it a matter of choice for them to nominate their next County leadership or will they be arm twisted back to their tribal cocoons.

The daggers have been drown, any literate tom and dick in the County at least can identify the top contenders for the next “Arena”, “Your voting card, your bullet and voice that is the rhetory ,’’  from across the political  divide, but the choice is still at the safe hands of the Nairobian’s , just like the media conceptualise and shoot’s the message to their audience  for consumption, the Nairobian has a chance to use their voting card in changing the political dynamics in the County and the Country come 2017, August Election.

I hope that 2017 elections will be based on  the Nairobians  understanding  that for the City to be clean, it’s a concerted effort by  all the stakeholders from a cross the divide  and that for a more  developmental impact to realized a bilateral working relationship between the  County and National government has to be  accrued.



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