“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” this are the words the former German-born physicist, Albert Einstein.

Chapter 34 of the Kenyan constitution in coherence to the International Charter for the Media rights and freedoms provides that the Media shall exercise its rights in an environment free from interference of the Government. The act also provides the Press, the right to expression and information from the Government without victimization nor intimidation.

However in the near past there has been a rise in the spate of attack on the Media, from the government and the public. I mean, imagine the world without the press “it would be an absolute dark,” I won’t be watching my favorite local dramas, my sister won’t watcher her favorite soap opera, my dad would grumble and bulldoze everyone in the house when he arrives home from work, since he has nothing to keep him busy.That common “Wanjiku” won’t be informed on whom to elect based on their manifesto. The return of those days when the president had to send letters via chopper’s to respective areas for the regional administers to spread his ideologies.

No! We should respect the media it has done so much transformation to the society today for it to be ignored, it has done its oversight role dedicatively, it has spear headed for the modern democracy we enjoy today, it has helped transform our justice system by highlighting on prominent injustices in the society arm twisting the authority to take action and last but not atleast it has promoted development by advocating for the constructive politics.

“A free press is not a privilege but an organic necessity in a great society” Walter Lippmann : American journalist (1889-1974)



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