Mass burning of schools a “big joke”

Back then when I was a student at a“Western High school” I remember an incident when some of my colleague school mates planned to go on a strike. They wanted to teach the school administration a lesson. I mean why would the admin viciously discard the Government Ministerial order banning holiday tuition, why would there still be morning preps when the law stipulates that students should be given “more ample time to relax and entertain.” So they ooh No! we went and hatched a plan to teach “Mr. Zigglas” a life lesson.
So a plan was orchestrated and each one of us responsibility on “tying the Cat a Bell”. We agreed that the following day on Wednesday at Dawn Operation “2 Exodus” is a go. But before that at the back of one dormitory when the learned comrades were a sleep every suspect to the innuendo took an “oath of secrecy” , we couldn’t allow this escape out unless any of us wanted our academia dreams unceremoniously crushed at this level.
So that night as I slipped into my “warm bed”, my heart was pouncing with joy, I knew tomorrow I will be going home at last, I couldn’t miss to feast on the homemade delicacies again. At exactly 3 AM, the 1st whistle went on, the 2nd and 3rd and soon it was morning prep time, as I rushed to class , I felt betrayed, what happened to our plan, I thought by right now I would be running through the “gates of freedom” may be with the “Men in uniforms” chasing us around using eyes irritants and Rungus . But Alas! Why are those guys kneeling at the parade at morning preps and why are the Head teachers’ men in uniform all over.

The next day when a parade assembly was summoned by Mr.Zigglas that is when I realized that the planned exodus was a fail. Reports indicated that within the “2 exodus” steering committee there were school CID’s who leaked the information to the schools’ Men in uniform and the Administration who in turn laid a trap for unsuspecting pro-2 exodus comrades. As Mr.Zigglas issued the “goons” with their expulsion letters that is when I realized how hard it was to plan an assault against the school. Well you might be asking why I wasn’t interdicted, perhaps you should also ask for CID’s names first.


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